a day in the bay

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Kia ora koutou. Was a welcome surprise this morning to see the rain had cleared and the wind fully dropped, the wild weather from last night past through at about 10.30pm and the stars came out. It was ‘up and at em’ for a swim at 7.30am.  Lots of yelping and bombing, the best Tucker wake up call ever. Chores were done without fuss, and a hearty breakfast prepared by Chris devoured in no time.

After a quick look at the weather forecast, and the chart, we weighed anchor and made way to Motuarohia for a slippery walk up the hill to the lookout. There was a fair swell pushing through from the north, but in the shelter of the islands was flat calm and even a little bit sunny. There was a Tug o War challenge back on the beach, with the starboard watch team proving their strength.

Upon returning to the ship, everyone was quite sandy and sweaty, so another swim and a rope swing was in order. It was here that the sun really did come out and we had a glorious moment of warmth.

It was also here that we had a not so glorious moment, where our good mate Mayson took a slip and dislocated his shoulder! So up the anchor came, and quick smart we made way to Waitangi to meet a friendly paramedic Mark G (thanks heaps!) from St John to re-set Mayson’s shoulder. It was a quick success and Mayson was allowed to stay on board, everyone is so pleased for him.

With things all in order, we set some sails and Chris took the helm and we head out to Moturua. We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to catch a fish. Unlucky are we, and have settled for a warming curry and coconut rice. Chris and Mayson are making a dessert of apple crumble for us, aren’t we lucky….

Good night whanau!


  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay elise!! I just got back from aussie an ur not here im miss you so much and cant wait to catch up with you when you get back I hope ur staying safe an having a great time you monkey!!! looks very cold keep warm little sister c u when you get back ;:D

    • lol laugh out loud i got a BRACELET- it candy cane colored so now i got 2 oh and i platted my first four plat bracelet 2 it was AMAZE-(just like me!!!!!!)
      i am awesome and any wayz howzit going without me?-boring a? i know im the best just don’t be 2 jelly- oh and i found out that gelatine is made out of grounded up cow skin and hooves-yuck!!! i know cant eat gummy lollies-well most of em any wayz-lol gotta go luv ya laterz peace out Elise:)

  2. Hi there crew and trainees,

    great to read the sun came out for you today and Mayson’s shoulder went back in (ouch)! Hope the showers aren’t too frequent tomorrow and you get a good breeze, enjoy the bowsprit and the bombs!

    safe voyage
    Shelley and Toni

  3. Poor Mayson, must have been a good lesson in first aid for everyone, hope he makes a speedy recovery & can still enjoy the trip. Which Chris? -crew or trainee, confusing when there are 2 on board. Thanks for the blogs.

    • Crew Chris made breakfast, trainee Chris took the helm and made yummy dessert! …You should try being one of the Chris’s – very confusing

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