A day in the water

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Kia Ora Whanau, clear blue skies greeted us for our refreshing swim this morning at 0700 hours. Chores were completed and breakfast was demolished before we started our first lessons for the day on chart work and navigation. After our lessons we upped anchor to make our way to Black Rocks for diving and fishing. Despite the Arctic temperatures and cloudy visibility, our keen aquanaughts soon filled our catch bag with fat juicy mussels and hedgehog sized kina. We returned to the ship and a welcome bone warming shower was enjoyed by all.

Keen for more adventure we made our way towards Whale Bay for some more fishing and diving. While TJ and James helped the crew search for crayfish, Nathan, Jessie and Amaru tried their luck at catching a fish. Unfortunately we had no luck with the fishing but the divers came back with a fine specimen of a crayfish.

We left our secret crayfish spot and moved to our night anchorage Whale Bay, where the trainees were taught 5 important knots which they will be using tomorrow whilst sailing the ship. The lessons will continue after tea and we think everyone will enjoy a good night sleep.


  1. Hey guys!
    Glad to hear you are all having a blast and its only been a couple of days! Good to hear the seafood is plentiful also;)

    Missing you guys and heari g about all the fun makes me slightly jealous hehe
    Have a great week and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures throughout the remainder of your week!! 🙂

    Ash x

  2. Awesome team , sounds like your all having a blast, crayfish, kina and mussels yummy totally blessed.
    Come on Mihi, where’s the fish?

  3. Hey Jessie, Nice to see you are looking happy and having a good time.
    Looks like you won’t get lost in the dark! Enjoy the storm!!!
    love Dad & Mum

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