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Pirate ship finds Gold

The R. Tucker Thompson has been assessed by Qualmark under the new, more stringent criteria and has been awarded Qualmark Gold for their organisation. Since being wholly owned by Tourism New Zealand, the Qualmark criteria have undergone a major overhaul. Previously...

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Bay of Islands Ipipiri Eco-sail

Two iconic Northland organisations offer one unique experience! At the end of April 2016, Northland's tall ship the R. Tucker Thompson partnered with Project Island Song to offer a two day, one night eco-sailing experience in the beautiful Bay of Islands. We will...

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Dame Anne Salmond appointed Patron

Former New Zealander of the year and eminent scholar Dame Anne Salmond has been appointed as Patron of the R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust. Dame Anne, whose research and teaching draw inspiration and insights from engagement between the differing ‘worlds’ of...

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