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Tawhirimatea is HERE!!!
Woooh what a full on day of sailing we’ve had today, the skies were clear and the winds were strong, perfect sailing conditions for the young trainees. After our ritual morning swim the kids got stuck into their daily chores, all eager to set sail and embrace our god of the winds Tawhirimatea. After our training day in the rain yesterday, the kids needed little to no guidance when it came down to setting, tacking and adjusting the sails, with a small group of trainees (Ciara, Wiremu, and Sobi) going up the rigging with Nate to release our lower top sail as we headed in a zig zag line towards Te Puna inlet.
Once we reached our destination a delicious fried rice lunch prepared for us by Pania, which was devoured in minutes, we then dropped anchor in Wairoa bay under Te Pahi’s island. Nate and Alex then took the kids ashore for a bit of land time to stretch the legs which was much appreciated by the trainees after a rollie sail.
As we returned from the island we were hit with the exquisite mouth-watering smell of Pania’s cake she had been working on for our birthday boy (Jacob) and girl (Leilani) while the trainees were out.
Everyone is now settling in nicely for the night , kids are talking and playing cards in the saloon, the crew is getting dinner prepared and all is well on the good ship.
Tune in tomorrow for the next episode.

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