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Another beautiful dawn in Whangaroa Harbour greeted us on day 6. Today’s swim was immediately followed by weighing anchor and pointing the good ship’s bow toward the Bay of Islands. What a glorious day! Trainees rode the swell on the bowsprit and dolphins joined us for part of the journey.

Harry got his Turk’s head bracelet for climbing the rigging and touching the end of the yard arm – good job Harry!

We arrived at Poroporo Island at lunchtime and ate more crayfish and a meat pizza.. Following lunch, Captain Steve and some of the crew dived for scallops – how lucky is that!

We sailed off the anchor and headed for Homestead Bay for the night. Everyone piled into the dinghy and headed ashore for a walk – we saw some of the saddlebacks recently released on the island. Back aboard, we enjoyed a huge roast pork dinner – already, it’s our last dinner aboard! Following that, we had a game of spotlight on the beach. All in all, this was another fabulous day for the crew of the R. Tucker Thompson. Tomorrow, it’s homeward bound!

Look! Dolphins!

Look! Dolphins!