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Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers …… This morning we were greeted by liquid sunshine as we went for our morning mineral spa to wash thy sleepy eyes then it was straight into chores and breakfast our usual morning routine.
Then we got ‘Little Tuc’, our rowboat, into the water and raced around the mother ship in teams of two. The trainees battled each other for the fastest time Breanna and Clayton claiming victory with a time of 01:17
Well done!!!!
After the ‘Little Tuc’ races, we had lunch and then pulled up the anchor and motored out into the Bay for a play in the swells. William, Mandy and Cassandra enjoyed riding the bow sprit through the waves getting their feet wet from time to time and all trainees enjoyed surfing the waves back from the Nine Pin island……
Upon arrival into Whale bay we all boarded the long boat and went ashore for a game of touch and volley ball……..
We are all back on board warm and dry and all trainees are in high spirits and are looking forward to be reunited with friends and family tomorrow.
It’s tea time now so we shall see you all tomorrow at 2pm…….