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Yet another beautiful day in the Bay! Yes! If you’re a sailing vessel, and that’s exactly what we did after our ritual morning swim, which wasn’t too bad actually. The water temperature is a steady 19C, which kept Davis, Nuku and Rima jumping back in, trying to perfect their manu bombs. They were all quite impressive.
Everyone has adapted quite well to the watch schedule, so organising who went where for deck scrub and below deck cleaning came and went with everyone checking in with the crew asking questions to make sure they got their chores done just right!
Breakfast and breakfast dishes done, we had all hands on deck for a line handling work shop and sail setting. Port and Starboard watches on the respective sides, the mainsail, fore sail and headsails all went up in one clean motion, and away we went.
Kayleigh and Lucia were asked to bring the harnesses up and laying aloft and bowsprit procedures were talked over, then the rig was taken over.
The good ship anchored up in Robbies where we all had a bit of a leg stretch just before lunch.
Keeping an ear out on the weather situation, it was decided to move to a better anchorage. We are now anchored up in Opunga Bay, where the rain has caught up with us, but an oportunity to become acquainted with the work book has presented itself.