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Tourism sailings

Your chance to experience a traditional tall ship

Since 1985, the R. Tucker Thompson has been operating tourism sailings in the Bay of Islands. This is the rare chance to experience the majesty of sail on board a working tall ship. You get the chance to join the crew and help set the sails, get involved and do as much or as little as you like.

The profit we make on our tourism sailings help us to subsidise places for young people from the region to take part on our 7-day youth development voyages. So not only will you have an amazing experience, one that will create lifetime memories, but you are supporting a good cause.

Come on a day sail

Day Sails

Step back in time and explore the Bay of Islands as they would have 200 years ago

Late Afternoon Sails

A short evening sail 3-days a week for a perfect way to start the evening

Weddings and special charters

Special charters

A perfect venue for weddings, vow renewals or those special birthdays!