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Day 2:
Kiaora followers! This morning we sailed out of Pipi bay, out past Cape Brett. All trainees really enjoyed and took part in the sailing, especially Jake and Te A. We cruised past the famous Hole in the Rock, a little seasickness hit, but everybody survived the rocky seas.
Settled in for Mac n Cheese at lunchtime and anchored for some fishing, where Janna, Hine, Papahia and Journee got extra competitive! We also went for a free dive along the stunning coastline, and more climbing aloft.
Later that afternoon we continued round to the next bay to a sandy beach and played beach games till the sun went down. It was great to see everybody working as a team and really getting along so well! An awesome end to our day.
On to Whangamumu Harbour we go! We finally arrived at our overnight destination. We are with limited coverage here, hence the delayed blog.
Day 3:
This morning we went ashore to check out the Whaling Station. Many of the trainees found this place very moving and had a number of questions about the site. Jake, making sure he ventured high and low amongst the ruins. As a group we conquered and amazing hike up the surrounding terrain, Taylor being our chief leader. All of us enjoying one another’s stories, Te A’s, Connies and Hines singing, as well as Amons endless knowledge about environment.
Following our active morning, the rain settled in – and a cabin afternoon it became. Filled with card games, laughter and fear factor!
Goodnight world, until next time.