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This morning we had our dip in the beautiful Western Arm of the Whangaroa Harbour as the sun came up. We grabbed the dingy and got some oysters off the rocks then chores and breakfast underway to Whangaroa. We picked up three more willing crew from the wharf – awesome how the boys welcomed them and all sails were set to get the new ones used to the drill. After team building games involving going blindfold out onto the bowsprit we headed back in and got dropped off at Totara North for the start of our hike out to Lanes Cove.

There was lots of slipping and sliding along the way as the track was really muddy though everyone managed to get across the rivers without falling in. The fit ones ran ahead and soon we were climbing Kairara – the Dukes Nose – once on the top what a view! We saw the sun go down over the harbour – just amazing!!!! Pretty good day to be on the Tucker- lucky us. More lessons tonight for our sailors – big days on the sea and more adventures await us tomorrow.