Kia Ora,
First real day on board for everybody today! Everything started at 0730hrs with the sun rising. First thing a fresh morning swim but all of our trainees were really happy to jump in, no need from us to push them. The water temperature was around 15degrees, Bravo! As promised, a warm shower follows this ritual. From this personal R. Tucker Thompson’s way of cleaning, they jumped in their clothes and went on duties. Down below or up on deck, they had to realise few tasks part of the ship routines. Scrubbing the deck, polishing the brass, sweeping and mopping the sole, hand washing tea towels and without forgetting the cleaning of the HEAD! After the work was done, it was time for big breakfast: scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast. Nothing was left! After dishes and a short brief, on deck they went, knowing a good wind was forecasted. Following our roster: one team was in charge of safety (engine check), one team was dedicated to the anchor job and the others were ready to hoist sails. Leaving Paradise Bay, we sailed and practised our Tacks; one type of manoeuvre for turning the ship. They all rotated on all the different stations from Fore to Aft. To finish up our active sailing class, a Man Over Board Drill appeared but this time under sails. As a regular practise for our R. Tucker Thompson crew, it was interesting to give responsibility to our young trainees on their jobs and also show them how hard it’s to get somebody back on board. Lunch time was on its way, and Motu Rua Island ended up being the choice for a nice afternoon walk. Sausages sizzle in tummys, we took our dinghy to the shore. Walking up and down for approximately an hour, some did have pain and some did have smiles 😉 Back on the ship a lovely banana cake with orange chocolate icing with hot chocolate was waiting for us! Recharged, some went for a splash in the water. With our latest weather up date, the predictions are to get worse so we had to change shelter and move to a new anchorage. The direction of Orokawa Bay was steered. Arrived and anchored, a weather class was done by Pania and some Free time No Rules, No Crew was expected. Dinner is now in our bellies and many cheerful but tired faces are ready for bed.
Good night!


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