The flags were straining in the breeze as the Good Ship left the dock to go voyaging once more. Last minute waves to the folks completed, then it was straight down to the serious business of getting ready for sea.

Kit packed away and safety stuff completed we ventured forth to Moturoa Island and the Black Rocks. Chance for a run ashore, and a bite to eat with Janna’s yummy soup. Along the way the trainees braved the rig for the first time venturing aloft. Straight away Anastasia and Ashley made it to the upper topsail yard looking for all to see as if they had done it all their lives.

The walk to the gun emplacements was a beauty and all the trainees marches up the hill with ease. The view from the roof laying the bay open for all to see. We have discovered that we have a birthday girl on board today. Happy Birthday Casey!! Janna has especially burnt a cake to celebrate so all are looking forward to that. We may even get seafood too as Rihari has joined Wayne and Kylie on a snorkel raid.

Serious stuff again as poor old Wilson, our man overboard dummy had his moment of fame again as we practice our recovery drill. The trainees straining at the sea gate to pull him back to safety.

Wanting not to waste the wind, the crew and trainees are keen to shake the cobwebs from the sails as we make our way to Waipiro Bay for a spot of fishing and our first night swinging to the anchor.