The sun was shining once again for our morning swim and chores. We scoffed down breakfast so we could up anchor to make our way to White Reef for a snorkel with the friendly fish. While everyone was diving, Christine and Cleo decided to stay on the ship to conquer their fears and go aloft to earn their bracelets. With everyone back on the ship, we enjoyed macaroni cheese for lunch before we made our way toward Waewaetorea Island. Still in our wetsuits, we decided to check out Wayne’s Rock for a little bit of fishing and a swim jumping off the rocks. After all the bombing was done we decided to take advantage of the sun on the beautiful beach of Waewaetorea Island. Some people climbed to the top of the island for the fantastic view while others decided to play on the beach until the sun went down. We then had to pick our anchor up and run for cover in Paroa Bay as strong winds were forecast for the morning.