Kia ora whanau,

This morning we awoke to a beautiful but windswept day in Outu bay. The trainees were keen to get straight into their morning swim and equally keen to shower and get dry again as the sou’wester whipped through and chilled them to the bone. Morning chores were rapidly completed and we tucked into our hearty breakfast. After breakfast the trainees ripped through some more lessons on navigation and were just starting to learn about the weather when the weather turned up to teach us all a few things.

The crew jumped to action stations as a squall started blowing into our nice sheltered bay. We raised anchor in the pouring rain and headed out to find a more-sheltered bay! Within about 5 minutes the squall had passed and the sun was beating down again causing us all to strip off our wet weather gear and head back to the classroom. Lesson learned– the weather changes quickly at sea!

The rest of the morning was spent in the shelter of Te Toroa bay. Phoebe went for a dive with Uncle Steve and despite the awesome number of fish there were no legal shellfish to be seen. The rest of trainees were engaged in rowing races around the ship and practising their bombs off the rigging. Aroha and Carlos were the victorious rowing team and Te Are demonstrated his zen like balance by paddling Lil’ Tuc around the ship whilst standing up; no mean feat with the occasional gusts that were hitting us.

After lunch we all headed off on a short but strenuous walk over to Whangamumu. We left the ship in clear blue skies but no sooner had we waved goodbye to Wayne in the dinghy, than we were reminded of our morning’s lesson. From over the ridge, big black clouds appeared and disgorged their watery contents – unfortunately it seemed that not everyone had paid attention in the morning and those without wet weather gear were treated to a free shower. The trainees made good speed up the hill and on the way down Te Are showed that you do not need a ski pass and expensive gear to slide down hills. He pulled off a sweet rail grab and later topped it with a full 360 in the mud without so much as a dirty bum; Kylie was not so lucky.

Everyone is safely back on the ship and patiently awaiting the feast of Kai Moana that was collected yesterday.