Greetings all, from The Good Ship. Yet another amazing day has past, and the level of laughter onboard is peaking. Today has been a huge load of fun, and sleep will come easy to all this evening.

We have spent most of the day at anchor at Mimiwhangata. With morning dip, chores and breakky out of the way, we dove into some bookwork. The trainees powered through the lessons, which gave us a great chance to get outside and enjoy the fantastic weather and the crystal clear water. We deployed the trusty Lil Tuc into the sea, and Tishan and Tashana went out for a galavant, going really well with their rowing. Wayne and his following of divers went out in the dingy to explore some rocks and reefs close by. Daniel, Halo and Kylie set about with the new inspirational project of making a Ukelele!!!!! Bringing out the best of our limited resource, and a bit of stuff we found at the beach, we are over halfway through the project. Steve was inspired so much by this that he made himself a wee drum!! Soon we will have an entire band!!!

As the day marched on, we moved the ship up into Whangamumu Harbour. We are expecting some big weather to come through tomorrow, so have had a huge walk this afternoon up on the Puriri Track, over to look at the big sea cave on the coastal side.

On return to the ship, Tane, Halo and Jazz got stuck into the galley and came through with the promised Fry Bread, to go with the mince dinner that Nigel and Tane made for us. Bless.

Po marie whanau.