Day One. Setting off in the warm sunshine all the trainees spent the first few hours getting to know each other and the ship. Blind folded the group was put into pairs and had to navigate around the ship relying on their partner to see them safely round. It was then on to safety drills with a man over board and abandon ship drill.

The ship anchored at Roberton Island for lunch and once the dishes had been done the trainees set the sails for the first time and headed off to Jacks Bay.

We finally dropped anchor in Manawaora Bay for the night with everyone chatting and excited about what the next day will bring.

Day two started with the usual morning swim followed by some brass polishing and scrubbing of decks making sure the ship was nice and clean for the day ahead.

After breakfast it was time for a few lessons on navigation and how to use a compass. The days activities could then be planned and everyone headed up on deck to start learning all the numerous lines and sails.

Some trainees headed up the rig with Esther, Harry H, Te Reina, Reilly, Adam and Jayden all earning their turks head bracelets by climbing to the end of the upper yards. Well done trainees!

It was then time to set sails again and they headed out of Jacks Bay towards the Cavalli Islands. A great sail was had by all and once at Motukawanui Island everyone decided to stretch their legs and so headed ashore. They hiked across the Island to Waiti Bay where the ship came round to meet them . Once back on board, with the sun shining and time before dinner the trainees set up the rope swing and everyone had great fun swinging into the water and jumping off the side of the ship.

A roast chicken dinner was waiting for them down below and everyone is settling in well.Sunset-paradise