Whitu Ra
Kia ora from the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson.
Beautiful day again, everything started like this…. after opening our eyes we entered into the clear magical salted and COLD but enlightening water.shivering on deck, we found refuge in the saloon for a second French toast breaky.
The plan was a walking adventure and picnic on Ururpukapuka Isalnd and a hunt for the invasive Australian weed , Wattle. Many thanks to Janet McPhee for the two backpacks which she donated, helping to carry the sandwhiches. Our crew brilliantly achieved the mission. It was a great pleasure to be surrounded by native birds, Tieke, Tui, Miromiro, Piwakawaka and Kotare. Thanks Project Island Song.
Once back onboard the ship, after a quick swim, we raised the anchor and moved towards Waewaetorea Island. The target this time was to explore an inter-tidal cave on the east side of the island. Risk and peril awaited us as we entered the pitch black environment of the sea cave. The swell surges had us grasping for balance as we swam out towards daylight, uniting in the calm waters of the ocean. We all survived, glorious.
Back on board we were met by hot chocolate, warm biscuits, marshmallows and a warm shower. Motoring out towards the sunset and warmth of the roast dinner , drift fishing for a time and then to anchor, making a delightful end to a very full day.
Ka kite