Kia Ora Whanau, today we have traveled many miles, braved huge waves and evaded a Kraken on our return to the Bay of Islands from Whangaroa Harbour. Well that is one version of the story anyway.

After a blustery night we awoke to blue skies and little wind. Some of the trainees were a little reluctant to take the morning plunge and by the time everyone had been in, the showers had arrived. Over breakfast captain Rob listened keenly to the weather forecast and it was decided to head for the bay before the swell got ugly. The trainees were briefed to prepare for a rough ride with sea-sickness medication, wet weather gear, harnesses and lifejackets issued as a precaution.

We set off from our picturesque anchorage in Pararako Bay and headed into the wild ocean. Actually it wasn’t that wild at all but there was a decent swell running at a fairly uncomfortable angle which made for a real Rock N Roll journey. The trainees demonstrated that they had found their sea legs even in their short time aboard the ship and the fishes did not get fed today! Even with our modest sail set we raced down the coast and found ourselves in Oke Bay by lunchtime.

After lunch the trainees were keen to stretch their legs so we headed over to the beach to explore the Rawhiti Peninsular. Daniel and Anton rowed all the way from the ship to the beach and despite our expectations managed to keep afloat the whole way. We spent a few hours exploring the beach and unsuccessfully searching for the Marae. Before returning to the ship there was just enough time for Tayla to collect some Tuatuas and Daniel to practise surfing Lil’ Tuc on the beach.

This evening we learned more about tides and weather before an awesome feed of chicken with avocado and mango! Tomorrow the trainees will be taking over the ship for a day around the bay – who knows where we will end up or what stories they will have to tell at the end of it.