Kia Ora Whanau,
Today, we woke up to nice sunshine and had our morning swim. The training crew set sail out the sea from Waipiro Bay, and taking the Albert Channel to sailed finally toward Waewaetorea.

We anchored there for an hour, they all went caving and showed good team co-operation and communication. After we moved a little, we ended up facing the beach on the south west of Waewaetorea. We had lunch  ‘an industrial Toasties Party ‘ !!! Then Jennie, Keani, Rosalee, Edith climbed up our shrouds and across the yards, later joined by Bo, Te Ao, Daniel, Patariki and Paris. We call this the Tucker Challenge, and they need to touch the end of the second yard;  then they get THE bracelet (Turks Head).

Everyone showed great courage and supported each other. Once all back on deck, we went to Motorua Island again to anchor for the night, and on the way we celebrated Daniel 15th UNbirthday (it will be on 22nd ); a beautiful iced chocolate cake made by Paris, Leon, Alicia, Keani.

Also on the way, we dived for scallops with Nate, and successfully got ONE BIG scallop! We anchored and enjoyed a refreshing swim and the swing. Once we were dry and warm again, the trainees did the final class and  Jennie ran the test knowledge for the crew, she was into it.

I would say today was a great, mighty fine day …
Yours Psychotically Rosalee Johnson.