Kia Ora,
From Omakiwi cove, The R.Tucker Thompson team just opened their eyes to a clear morning sky and crisp air. All of us realised the first of seven mornings “Water Wake Up Jump’’, happy to get a hot, boiling and recovering shower; because at this time of year the temperature is only 15 degrees Celsius. Then started our daily duties : one team down below and one on deck, the missions were all about cleaning, polishing, mopping, hand washing, and the best job of all scrubbing the Head. Our reward started to smell, a lovely breakfast made by Wayne, porridge on toast.

With the sun getting warmer, our trainees appeared on deck for an introduction to the Sails’ work of the ship still at the anchor. Good gestures were shown and identification of the rig was the goal for the future jobs. They hoisted the Main sail, the Fore sail, the two Head sails all together as one team. Followed by the dropping of them, The Captain Tim lead the way to the saloon, to debrief what was done previously. The Tucker Booklet is gradually getting filled with knowledge. Free time climbing was allowed, and the more courageous ones went for the Yard Challenge, a big step out of your comfort zone and off the ground. Sama, Manaaki, Shyla, Rawiri, Aston and Taz achieved it grandly. The bracelets are won for them. BRAVO !

Before lunch, a dive was expected at Okahu Island. Anchor up, and the ship was on his way. With great resistance, the trainees at least stayed about half an hour in the chilly water, the Little Tuck (dinghy with oars)helped a few of them to get back on board, without swimming again. Massive lunch was waiting for them with cheesy scones. Chilling on the deck, we could see the magnificent, vibrant beach. In a split second, the dinghy was loaded and we were soon all of us landed into this paradise. Crystal water, white sand, luxurious vegetation and beautiful scenery, we felt like we were in Hawaii. (quote from Shyla).

The ball was forgotten, so Alex, Manaaki and Lawrence rode to the ship and on their way were chased by Maritime New Zealand and one policeman. Hearts pumping, out of breath, they checked our safety gears, and started to get interested of the R.Tucker Thompson Voyages. No problems at all, just concerned and we might see them again for fishing class prevention. Finally back on the shore with the ball, we end up playing a Ball rush and a Dodge game. This was an awesome day! And now, sitting around the dinner table we will share our delicious meal.