Welcome to another epic tale of high seas and adventures aboard the R Tucker Thompson. We awoke to an overcast stormy sky after a night of rock and roll. We braved once more the refreshing waters of the Cavalli Islands and once the duties and breakfast was demolished we went ashore for an epic trek of discovery.

We pioneered a track to the eastern side of Motukawanui to explore an ancient Pa site. The view from the top was epic. With our explorations  and curiosity satisfied we made our way back to the ship and inhaled an epic feed of mac and cheese. Bellies full, we set sail for an epic roller coaster ride to Whangaroa Harbour.

As we left the island the swell was building which made riding the bowsprit a very exciting challenge for everyone. With Janna in the lead, Cassie, Sharon, Connor, Liam, Neveh and Hayden rode the bucking bowsprit through the waves getting thoroughly ducked and saturated and squealing with excitement. After this epic sea voyage, the rain cleared and the Whangaroa entrance was revealed. Calm water and hot chocolates were a welcome reward after battling the high seas.

The end of an EPIC day.