We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with our lovely laptop, hence the lack of updates. Sorry!
All is well on the good ship, with friendships, fast forming, long lasting, and many a laugh to be heard all around the ship.
A very happy birthday was had by Nathan Edwards, with a “surprise” birthday cake made by the ‘3 musketeers’. Breanna, Diarne and Paula have so named themselves and are doing an amazing job of keeping everyone whipped into shape and pulling their fair share of the workload.
So many things have been done over the last few days. We’ ve had 2 visits from dolphins, seen 2 blue penguins and a small shark. Te Wairua and Penny had a wonderful experience out on the bowsprit, the dolphins coming right up underneath them to say hello.
Right now, we’ve just finished a big walk around Urupukapuka, a quick swim and now we are getting ready for our next adventure!