Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, in the Bay adventuring the day away. From the morning swim way up Te Puna Inlet we waited for the shower cloud to disperse with some class work in Tides, Moon, Clouds and Weather. Then it was all hands on deck for a full sail set, the topsails unfurled by Daniel, Manuao and Leon made for a great sail, past Kerikeri Inlet and down to Rangiahoua, (Marsden Cross) for a visit ashore to this historic Christian site and pa, walking up through the interpretation trail to the Lookout. A beach clean produced another full bag of household waste and 7 clothes pegs to add to the ships stores.
Back on board for a late lunch to fuel up before another sail across the beautiful Bay. Passing near the Black Rocks a female Orca came up for a couple of surface breathes but was not interested enough to keep up with our 7 knots plus as we headed towards Motuarohia and Moturua. Trainees at this point have the ship all under control, used to the leaning deck and sea water rushing along to leeward. Busy playing games and enjoying the ride. Sacking sails, dropping the Coarse, then the topsails before the headsails, fore and main, the language of the sea all so familiar to their ears and corresponding actions. Top effort and working well as a team helping each other keep things under control in the blustery conditions.
Daniel and Rosalee assisted Alex stow the topsails as we motored into Waipiro for another secure anchorage. Trainees up on deck as darkness falls and dinner almost on the table. A day full of activity and action, all will sleep well tonight.
Ma te wa