Foul weather returned but that doesn’t  worry the crew any more. So  bright and early after breakfast and chores we left  Whangamumu. Slight swell but no challenge for the good ship and hardened sailors. A little bit of liquid sunshine, plenty of wind and plenty of green water on deck to catch out the unwary.

Once coming around the Hole in the Rock north east winds were perfect to sail our way to Waewaetorea island. The Skippers favourite sail was up and good time was made. At the island  we dropped the pick, went ashore to stretch thy legs whilst Kylie made lunch. The hill  was ascended but the caving expedition was delayed due to a monster rain storm. So wet were all that an impromptu swim was the order of the day back on the ship. We were all wet any way.

After lunch we boarded the long boat,, and set off for a snorkel gathering some kinas and getting a legal crayfish was a bonus… Then  a little cave expedition with Wayne and  Harold doing some pretty big bombs inside the cave. Just amazing hear the boom reverberate  around the cave closely followed by a mini tsunami.

Off  to Paradise for our final night, with a stowaway on board. David a visiting yachtie came to visit the good ship and was immediately detailed into anchor duties having sailed with us from Waewaetoria.

A night of skits was lined up for our delight.  Elise was covered in tomato sauce and operated on on the saloon floor. Fortunately surgeon Ginny pronounced a full recovery much our relief.

Emma excelled and made a break for the top. She climbed the rig and conquered the fear of heights once and for all.