A beautiful day greeted us this morning as the trainees limbered up for the morning swim. Some unnamed members of the crew were so keen they were spotted at 6 am strolling the deck ready to go. They were surprised when their compatriots did not join them, so retired to await the second wave of swimmers at 0730 Hrs.

Completion of breakfast and chores saw preparations made for a mission ashore. A virgin route up to the lighthouse at Tutukaka heads. A good stiff climb rewarded by outstanding views.

The trainees came back looking beautiful in their new bling found at the beach. Plenty of shell rings and ear rings to be had. The fishing float too large for a necklass though. The rock pools were carefully examined by Liam, Harry, and Simone. Rob even conducted kina tasting for the keen.

The trip up the coast was smooth despite the large ocean swell. Simone seems to have found her calling to the sea as she helmed the whole way to Whangaruru.

The inaugural fishing session was success with a good fish fed to fish caught ratio. Jet caught the largest fish and Dylon came in with the first caught.

All in all an excellent day, only to be made better by Wayne’s cake yet to come.