It’s been a busy day since we left port at Opua this morning. The trainees all bonded really well after the name and trust game.They all had a go at going out on the bowsprit and most climbed the shrouds with Andrew being especially keen to get to the cross trees. We motored to Moturoa for lunch , past the beautiful Black rocks and anchored in crystal clear waters. Some were keen on a swim, especially after the rugby ball ended up in the water and all seem to be looking forward to their morning swim tomorrow. We took the inflatable ashore as part of the abandon ship exercise and had a quick walk then back to the boat we weighed anchor and did our “man” overboard exercise and rescued Wilson after a few manouvers. Jordan, Dante and Andrew have had a turn on the helm and all trainees have started to learn the ropes and how the ship works.
We are now anchored in Paroa Bay for the night and after a hearty meal trainees are getting to know each other and settling in to life on board.