Te Ra Tuatoru
Kia ora from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson. What an eventful day out in the Bay. It began with a racket on deck as trainees were up to get points for the first in the water, unfortunately they were well early, much to the dismay of the crew, who enjoy the small luxury of a 0700 wake up and swim. A brief re-introduction of living aboard followed before the ladder was lowered and trainees leapt in. Definitely hard to knock their enthusiasm and dedication to the Tai Tokerau Challenge!
The day only got better, with classwork complete as the breeze filled and we were off sailing to Moturoa Island for a hike up to the gun emplacements and some more compass and chartwork with the Bay all layed out at our feet. Back down on the shore the trainees did a mammoth beach clean, gathering enough to overflow a shopping bag, and some replacement clothes pegs for our ever diminishing basket.
The trainees then set sail as we headed back to our favourable, anchor outside of Pipi bay, no sooner was the anchor down, so was the boarding ladder and the swing came out. The screams of delight and shouts of encouragement fill the ship and I imagine most of the boats in the bay as each youth show us their individual styles.
Points are accumulating for each team, a difference of only 5 separate the first and last teams. The beach clean ended with all 6 teams contributing an equal effort. With the challenge nearing the half way point it looks likely the Quiz on the final day will decide. The 5 knots are being practiced endlessly, except at the moment with the swing in full pendulum.
Ma te wa