Kio Ora,
What a day in the bay… So our survival of life on board of the R. Tucker Thompson is great. We start the morning at 0730. A beautiful shinning sun, a nice blue sky, with a couple of birds flying around the ship…. NO! Heavy rain and some crazy wind, YES! The weather forecast this week is changing pretty much all of our routines, for example our favourite one : the polishing of the brass. But, it isn’t a big deal, our trainees are very pleased.
So a quick clean down below was done, and a massive breakfast was cooked by Nate: Omelette and baked beans on toast because we need strong Trainees. They went onto a warm morning class; island biodiversity and navigation were given by Sarianna and Alex. Plotting position and passage plan were explained. Because as you know, we are going to meet you down Marsden Harbour at the end of this voyage and it is about 50 nautical miles to get there.
From our sheltered anchorage Opunga Cove, some courageous trainees went for the Tucker Challenge. They had to reach the end of the second yard from the top sail. Successfully Fabian, Joshua, Josh, David and Kalani reached it! Well done. A bracelet will be made for you soon. Also, the little Tuc (dinghy with oars) was launched, and gave the chance to Azariah, Chloe and Rita to have a row around the ship. (Tim was holding them by a rope, We didn’t want our girls to be blown away!!!)
Lunch went on and WE WENT FOR SAIL!!! Magic time and healing emotions, climbing up the rig for certain like everything was normal. Our trainees are ready for the Cape Brett! For the last of the day, we decided to go for a stroll on the beach of Paradise bay. (Urapukpuka Island)
Back on the ship and back in night Anchorage, it’s around a delicious meat balls spaghetti dinner that our trainees gone relax after their awesome day.
Good night.
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