Kia Ora,
The sun was here today! From Opunga Bay, this morning, there wasn’t much off a breeze and to our surprise the sky was clear, so many smiles appeared … the morning sea jump was agreed for the first time! All our trainees just did it! No need from us to push them, easy, they went and the shower was well appreciated. Clean and fresh, they went on their real duties: the brass was dry so WE POLISHED! the deck was scrubed and all the wet clothes put out to dry.The R.Tucker Thompson was finally the prettiest in the bay . Thanks Trainees. The breakfast went on and class and knots with Tim came after. The little Tuc was launched with Calani, Fabian and Joshua, David and Josh, Travis and Kezrah, Shuntal and Chloe, Azariah and Kate all found their own rowing styles and quickly got used to having one ore each having to work together to get it done , fun to watch for the others. Some races were made : do a loop around the boat in a record time … Bravo David and Josh with One minute! Fabian did 38 seconds and Captain Tim 29seconds! On the other hand, some of our trainees climbed up the rig to accomplish the Tucker Challenge, CLAPS CLAPS to Kate, Shuntal, Travis, Azariah and Chloe! After this great time up on deck, a fabulous soup made by Sarriana was served and quickly devoured by the trainees. We went again this time for a SAIL! Leaving our anchorage, the ship headed for Waewaetorea. The sun around us just changed our life, laughs and smiles, relaxed and just happy at what we could feel. All of them are getting more confident with their tasks on deck going from the aft to the bow; they are all keen to do anything at any time. The ship dropped the anchor for a walk and beach time once we arrived at our destination, our praises were exhausted: SUN . Rolly poly, beach cleaning, cricket game, walk, girls chat, and some chocolate fishes. Yes, a sweet afternoon for all of us. Back on the ship, we are preparing for our trek out down towards Marsden tomorrow, and our first step is to get closer to Cape Brett, so tonight we will be at Deep Water Cove. Our trainees and us are aware of the next leg of the trip, and the excitement it should bring , swell and strong wind is our future. They are really excited to be going and we couldn’t wish for better. Another great point of this voyage is the fact our trainees already know each other, cooperation and care are really present within the group. The dinner smells flowing from the galley are simply Devine, the anchor is getting ready, and our night is slowly coming to an end. Everybody is cooling down; obviously we will dream about tomorrow.
The Big Adventure awaits US.
Duuuhn duuhn duuuuuuhn!!!!
up challenge