Yet another action packed day on board the good ship!
Mineral spa, chores and breakfast quickly squared away this morning, we set all sail and made our way towards Motukokako.
With Zayhne at the helm, we hit a cruising speed of 3.4 knots and had a small knots lesson as we came upon Cape Brett.

Slowly but surely, we started to lose the wind, so we took in all squares, sheeted in hard and motored towards the hole in the rock where we were greeted by the Fullers Great Sights boat, quite filled with tourists all happily snapping pictures of this unexpected beauty on the other side.

Hove to, crew members Pania and Nate took Daniel, Rahiri, Tiahorangi, Pearl, Rionagh, Kedem and Zayhne all donned in life jackets to experience the hole in the rock with a historical run down given by Nate as we approached the hole.

It was so calm that we were able to spend a few minutes inside to try and catch a water droplet on our heads from the roof top, which grants you eternal youth if you’re one of the lucky ones!!

Once everyone had a chance to go through in the dinghy, we were all safely back on board making our way to Deep Water Cove for a snorkel on the reef and a leg stretch on the beach.

We’re all safely anchored up in Paradise Bay with a belly full of hot food, guitar and giggles coming from the salon, but we’re all starting to drift off to bed. It doesn’t sound like much, but the day has been so jam packed we’re all tuckered out! (hehehe)