Ono Ra
Kia ora from the Good Ship Tucker Thompson. We have spent the day hunkered down in Te Hue on a secure anchor out of the worst of the weather. Even Fullers Great Sights found us, indicating how rough it was around the corner. Movie times were set for the “Around Cape Horn”, a classic black and white from 1929. Every inch of the ship has been investigated as trainees sought activities aboard, games have been invented, name the parts of the ship, music always a central theme, help in the galley more popular. After lunch, class work revolved around charts and some industrious navigators planning our passage home for a 2pm arrival, with sails furled all ship shape and tiddly. Conversation soon turns to the first thing to do when home, fairly predictive.
As cabin fever sets in, fishing becomes an option with the change of tide and the keen are baited and waiting, others have a final climb about the rigging while awaiting darkness and the final dinner, big fat pork roast and all the trimmings. It’s been a great week with all trainees prepared to push themselves to make the most of this unique experience. See you tomorrow.
Ma te wa