Pre dawn wake up, and underway to the poor knights…. Its Stevo’s birthday, so everyone does everything he asks of us, with a smile… as we exited the calmness of Outu Bay and head out to sea, we soon realised that the 10knts predicted by metservice, was more like 15-20knts. So it was a rough ride out to the Knights, motor sailing, young Tom was the only keen bean to go up the rig with Rob to unfurl the topsails, in the rock and roll of the rodeo aloft.
We beat through the mayhem, got some awesome waves over the bow, and sat down to a epic cooked breakfast in the lee of the islands by 10am.
After brekky, we suited up for a snorkelling session. 10 of the trainees went into see the huge snappers and many many trevallys, maomao, demoiselles, and huge diversity of sort corals, anenmones, of the amazing underwater ecosystem. The water was saphire blue and crystal clear….
On return to the ship, hot showers were had, and we stowed the ship for a fast track s back to the mainland. With our mains’l,, fores’l, heads’l’s, and lower tops’l set, we rocketed away at 8knots. Tom took the helm for most of the afternoon, and at one time, he had steve, rob and kylie working the lines on deck as he sterred us through a rain squall, the ship covered in rainbows..
We have our anchor set firmly in the sand for the nite at Mimiwhangata. It looks like the hugest adventure playground here, and tomorrow will be a day of checking it all out, a walk is on the cards…. Happy Birthday Captain Steve!!!! Yes, he did share his cake with us, yum, thanks Marsha, Ryan, and Lauren, and Flynn for the sweet kai….