Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers… today started with one of many refreshing mineral spas, a quick breakfast and chores, then we weighed anchor and set a course for long beach to rendezvous with Kylie. Once acquiring Kylie, trainees set the sails with the Cavali islands in sights.

What a new experience for the trainees getting used to the swell and sway of the ship as it goes through the motions under the command of Tayla on the helm…Goodie, Trent, Keriann had good fun getting their feet wet on the bowsprit.

Upon arrival at Motukawanui Keriann, Tirira, Daniel, Anton braved the water to gather some kina that were served as an entree before lunch….. After lunch and associated dishes were finished we thought that an afternoon stroll was in order to work off our macaroni and cheese, so we stretched our legs walking over Motukawanui and up to the lookout were we were greeted with stunning views… We are staying in Waiti bay tonight making our way up to Whangaroa tomorrow to explore the scenery, the ship is vibrant with laughter…. Pomarie whanau……..