With a few days of adventure under our belts, here is a recount of all the wonderful things we, as a crew, have done together.
The morning of the 17th came in peacefully as the ship and crew slowly shook off sleep and went for their morning swim. With no trouble at all, Aleigha was the first to jump in.
Once morning chores and deck wash was completed, we ate a hearty breakfast and commenced lessons with gusto. A knot tying lesson was one of them, which Kaya and Mikaira excelled in. Well done!
With book work out of the way, we ran on deck to make the most of the gorgeous day! With the anchor team quickly (yet safely) catting the anchor, we motored from Motukawanui to Stephenson Island where Mikaira, Aleigha, Daniel, Fabian, Wiremu and Kyron were whisked away to do some diving with Wayne. The visibility was so clear!
While the others were diving, Anfisa, Tiaaki, Spencer, Kaya and Lisa tried their hands at fishing. Kaya caught her first fish!!! She was a little surprised but was quickly praised by her shipmates who now had the taste for fish on! Unfortunately, there weren’t too many bites, but we managed to get enough for dinner.
Eventually the dive team came back with no luck at all, so we decided to move to another fishing spot and try our luck there. Whilst underway, Kyron tried his hand at making lures to trawl with out of clean white rags, but again, no such luck!
As the day went on, Aleigha, Anfisa, Nicole and Lisa prepared a wonderful sandwich lunch for everyone to enjoy outside in the beautiful, warm weather.
With the ship in a new spot, we tried fishing again, but it seemed the fish were just not hungry! So, without further ado, and dwindling sunlight, we made our way into the beautiful Lane’s Cove.
On the way to the anchorage, Tiaaki and Spencer helped Pania prepare some Maomao, Trevalli and Snapper for a bbq dinner at the DOC hut. Along with Kumara and potatoes, we dined like kings!
Some of us explored, some of us enjoyed the bbq’s warmth, and some of us sat around and stargazed as the night grew darker. We gathered around the bbq slowly, and decided that we would get up and hike to Duke’s Nose to catch the first rays of the morning.
We said our highs and lows, then came back to get ready for bed. The ship fell into slumber, anxious for the morning’s hike.
Very quickly, and very quietly, we piled into the dinghy and made our way back to shore to make the 40 minute hike up the hill. Some moaning and groaning was heard for a while, but when we got to the top of the hill, it was quickly swapped with “Whoa! This is mean!!” “It’s really beautiful!” Yep, totally worth it 🙂
Now, we’re off for a dive, and then, hopefully, we will have a sweet sail back into the BOI.