Kiaora everybody!
Apologies for not posting a blog last night, we were in a horrible spot for reception. Here is a recap on yesterday and todays shenanigans!

Rua Ra
Kia ora from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, anchored well in Otupoho Bay after an eventful day. Blessed with better weather, the swim was short and shower time maximised in the cool conditions. After above and below duties, breakfast then we had a delivery and a pick up from Waitangi. The wind been favourable for our first hoist of sails, trainees bent to the task of haul and make fast, coil down and tidy up. Getting familiar with the lines we left for a tour of the Bay, with Jay Jay at the helm we crossed the outer Brampton Reef leaving Waitangi behind. Harnesses were on deck and trainees soon aloft, Luka, Ethan, Mikayla, Anton, Lachie, Isaac, Allan, Monty, Ben, Te Tikanga all climbing aloft and out on the bowsprit. Through Kent Passage with Isaac now helming, round Moturoa, passing the impressive volcanic features of the Black Rocks. Then back across the Bay hitting 7.6 knots in the building breeze, passing through the secret passage we had shelter from Moturua Island. A late lunch welcomed by all and dishes done so we could passage ashore for the loop walk, the beaches were all warm and sunny and the tops cold and breezy which kept us moving.
Back on board, Pania had the cake iced, the hot water ready as a few souls went for a swim in the dropping sun. Hot chocolate and cake, all aboard happy, back up the rigging, plucking the strings, laughter throughout the ship. A little more class work before dinner and some free time, with all the questions about what we will be doing tomorrow…… have to wait and see what the weather gods allow.
Ma te wa

Day 3 came in crisp and clear with a bitter southerly chill in the air. This did not stop our fearless trainees from jumping in for the morning routine swim! All knew a nice hot shower waited for them once they came back on board.
Settling into shipboard life, morning chores were done smartly and a warm breakfast was had by all.
Dishes aside, we split into our Port and Starboard watches with Port going with Alex for knot tying, and Starboard going with Pania to learn how to launch, row and retrieve Little Tuck. Anton, Isaac, Allan, Lachlan, Ben and Ethan all did very well that we had a rowing challenge from the ship to the beach, swap and row back to the ship with Ben and Ethan coming in 1st place followed very closely by Allan and Lachlan. 31 seconds between the 2! Top effort boys!
Alex supervised the knot tying with Mikayla, Luka, Te Tikarangi, Monty and JJ, with everyone doing very well with all of the knots, they set up a challenge of who could tie them the fastest. A little more practice is needed we think!
As the morning went on, the wind picked up, so we weighed anchor and set sail for the inside of the bay, getting everyone more familiar with line handling and the orders given when setting each sail.
Once we had the sails set, we practiced tacking manoeuvres then lunch was ready!
We are now making our way back to Homestead Bay where a delicious hot meal will be enjoyed by all, and perhaps an early night.