Hello to our fans and followers, we have had another choice day today exploring and breaking new ground. We started our day with the usual refreshing mineral spa in Oke Bay, chores were a breeze and breakfast went down well. A group of keen explorers went to investigate the caves that were found yesterday, and to their astonishment found that one of the caves, filled with water, traveled more than 100 metres through a rocky point. While the boys (and Tash) were exploring, Nia, Pru, Setareh and Te Marie stayed on the ship to do some choice baking, melting moments with lemon icing… Yummo! After the cookies were done the girls were keen to confront their fears and go aloft, out onto the yards to earn their bracelets of honour.

The boys (and Tash) returned from their dive, we scoffed all the bikkies, weighed anchor and set sail for Cape Brett. As we neared Cape Brett, the wind and swell increased which made for a lot of fun riding the bowsprit. We changed course and headed for Whangamumu Harbour, our night anchorage, where we are now tucked away from the swell.

With the sun setting behind the surrounding hills, we placed ‘Little Tuc’ into the water to start our rowing races, with the winners having immunity from tomorrows morning swim. In 6 teams of 2, our trainees paddled around the Tucker in both traditional and Waka Ama styles. All the times were close but Connor and Setareh managed to claim the prize.

We are now getting ready for our corned beef dinner while hoping that the weather will stay dry tonight for a game of spotlight on the beach before bed. Ciao for now.