Another very good day on the good ship, and spirits are high, the last days onboard in sight, and all the trainees are making the most of their time at sea..
We awoke at Tutukaka to another freezing morning, and swam, had a huge brekky of banana pancakes, weighed anchor and mooched down the coast into a heasd wind. Melanie asumed her position on the bow sprit, and Tom on the helm, uncle Rob took everyone through some knot tying lessons and soon enough we were anchored up in Urquarts (sp?) bay. We ventured onto the land and went for a huge walk through the tree and beaches. There was lots of singing and games, laughter and general hoolaganism going on.
We returned to the ship on dusk, to a beautiful meal prepared by Marsha.
Such a great bunch of people, great adventures, I wish all the trainees super awesome luck with their futures and thank them for being a part of the history of the R. Tucker Thompson…