Hey hey hey!
An update on the fourth day of Voyage 1414 of our vessel R. Tucker Thompson.
The trainees are getting to know each other back to front now. The joking and the laughs have increased and the teamwork is building! This morning we got through a few more lessons, about Kaimoana, navigation and knots.
Following our mellow morning we went out to sea to play in some waves! Ben, Taylor, Matt and, Hine riding right up front on the bow sprit. Connie and Krystal also getting right in there! Was an energy packed ride for everyone. When we eventually got back in to the calmer waters we had some delicious crayfish mornay and Wayne’s homemade bread for lunch. Om nom!

Later that afternoon we ventured to the main land. We climbed another hill and had a go at net fishing – thanks Jake, Matt and Journz for their input…but caught nothing. And before the sun goes down half the trainees got involved in a rowing race in our Little Tuc. Krystal and Jake taking it out in 2:40sec. Later tonight there’s a game of spotlight planned. We’ll see who rises to the top with that one.

Until tomorrow..
Pomarie – Goodnight Whanau