Kiaora koutou. Voyage 1414 has begun. It has only rained once so far, let the good weather continue! Today we got straight into climbing aloft. Where Ben, Jake and Taylor not to mention our climber addict Te A, went flying to the very top in no time. We eventually made it to Twin Lagoon Bay for a fulfilling lunch and a bit of a hike up Cooks Lookout.
Upon our departure from Twin Lagoons, young Journee took the wheel and steered us the majority of the way to our overnight anchorage.

This afternoon we also completed our abandon ship and man over board drills…with a dolphin riding the bow, as you could imagine, a very nice distraction from saving the life of our floating devices. However Taylor and Amon in particular, working great as a team to retrieve them.

We are settled comfortably in Pipi Bay on Moturua for the night. Some of the group just finished a wee bait fishing session off the stern – we had our one and only bait fish caught by our man Papahia. Well done! Looking forward to this evening with Te A already jamming some beautiful sounds from her guitar. Bring on the night!