Heave to me hearties, for today’s epic tale. We woke this morn to a sullen sky but a quick dip in the icy brine soon lifted any trace of tardiness. The ship was scrubbed and we ‘cut and ran’ from the Hellhole of the Pacific, sailing off to bluer waters., Arr. We dropped the hook at Motuarohia island and received a welcoming from the locals, a pod of Bottlenose dolphins. We boarded our dinghy and went ashore to explore. A climb to the top of the hill was worth the walk as the view was stunning.

We explored the lagoons, but found no treasure. On our return to the ship, Marsha had cooked up a treasure in the form of pizzas, hot chocolates and cake. While dining below an approaching ship was sighted, Fullers Cream Trip vessel. Our brave pirate crew rallied on the cabin top and performed a blood curdling haka, much to the suprise of the Fullers ship. The haka must have worked, as there was a flash of cameras and away they ran. Satified and ego’s pumped, we weighed anchor and set sails to find any other unwary travellers.on the high seas. Under Captain Steve’s steely gaze we wore and tacked and tacked and wore, hauled and eased, made fast and let go, all the way to Te Puna inlet. A new adventure for all on board, with new unexplored country to explore.