Aue ataahua i tenei ra

Kia ora everyone from the Good Ship R Tucker Thompson. Yes it has been a beautiful day after a hearty send off at Whangaroa. The trainees hoisting sails on departure with Latesha and Shontelle sharing the helm, as the wind filled in and breath brought the putatara to life. Sails set, tacked, released and re set, we eased down the harbour with new dreams. Introducing ourselves to each other we then had lunch and began preparing for the week, Entrance to Whangaroa Harbourstowing away clothes and bedding, learning the various aspects of ship life as we journeyed south to Motukawanui.

Anchoring in Waiiti, Lil Tuck was soon lifted from the foredeck and with Maioha and Toa heading for shore.

We were soon all on the beach before Wiremu gathered us in for some taonga takaro, (life sports) for an hour of much entertainment and testing. The winners were soon swimming, Hunter almost lost his footing but as a loser, first had to fetch a log from the far end of the beach!!! Then swim, then a hill climb as we all got to know a little more about each other. Back to the ship with Tom and Nicholas rowing Lil Tuck, then it was swim swing manu time Toa, Rua, Gabriel, Cody creating much laughter. The cooks were in the galley preparing the cake mixture for the birthday tomorrow of the ship we are all blessed to be aboard, yes the R Tucker Thompson will be 31 years old. Congragulations!!

Now we are settling into the evening routine of classroom activities, the ship quietens a little between bursts of laughter, dinner creeps through the ship as the mighty cake leaves the oven. Lil Tuck hoisted back aboard we prepare for our first night and anticipate tomorrow.
Po marie e