Ahoy landlubbers!
Our first day has been filled with lots of laughs and getting to know each other as we came out of Marsden Cove.
A little different, as we usually start our voyages from Opua. This is kind of a big deal, as the good ship was built just under Mount Manaia at Mangawhai Heads 30 years ago. So we celebrated and now we are anchored in Urquharts Bay for the night.
We slowly motored our way out of the channel as we played the name game. With everyone acquainted, we ducked below to unpack and settle in our bunk spaces.
We anchored up, where crew member Geri split us into Port and Starboard teams with Jayden, Alamaine, Ashleigh, Dante and Jimmy making up Starboard watch, and Kruz, Harmony, Julia, Teina, Reuben and Jashana making up Port.
Now that we are in our 2 teams, it makes orientation easier for everyone to get to know the ship and find their way around without being too overwhelmed!
The afternoon was filled with the blindfold game, line handling, and an abandon ship drill, where we actually loaded everyone into the dinghy and made a surprise run to the beach to check out some old WWII gunner placements.
With our bellies full from dinner, we are now introducing the book work for tomorrow, and what the plan is from here on out! Until then 🙂