Good evening all ye landlubbers from the good ship!

We are tucked into Orokawa Bay for the evening after our first day at sea, and our trainees are settling well aboard. On the way up the channel, (after waving goodbye to Opua), we played a couple “get-to-know-you” games so we could learn each others’ names. It’s a great way to break the ice too. After that everyone unpacked their bags and learned about the ship. By then, we arrived in Whale Bay and dropped the anchor for some lunch. The trainees were shown how to put on their harnesses and they all jumped at the chance to climb out on the bowsprit and up the shrouds. The rest of our time in Whale Bay was spent doing abandon ship drills, learning a bit of line handling, playing a “trust” game, and doing some book work. Soon we were under way once more. We rescued Wilson the volleyball for our man-over-board drill. We then hoisted sails with the help of many keen sailors-in-training! Callum and Orca did a fabulous job sweating halyards, and Ropi became very adept at coiling lines. Tegan, Taysia and Shania were instrumental in helping the crew get the course sail up.

We already have two trainees that have earned their Turk’s Head bracelets by climbing the rigging and touching the end of the yard arm: Way to go Trae and Orca! Trae even helped Steve stow the tops’ls at the end of the day – in the dark, no less!

Finally, we enjoyed a tasty dinner, and that is thanks to the many helpers: Orca and Taysia, as well as Sam who made a delicious cheese sauce. We’re now cozy in the cabin as we hear the rain tap on and off above our heads. There is some lively chatter coming from the saloon as we settle in for the night. A great first day!

Day 1