Heading out into the Bay we met our new trainees followed by an orientation around the ship. We divided into port and starboard teams, where one team would unpack the rest would explore the rigging! We tucked away from the wind behind the Black Rocks so we could start our first challenge. Blinfolded, our two teams had a race across the ship, out on the bowsprit, and back again. A great way for our new trainees to get a feel for the ship.

For lunch we enjoyed hot soup with fresh scones to warm our bellies up before we got stuck into some lessons. Our trainees learnt about recycling and anchoring before we headed on deck to show our trainees how to make fast, sweat and tail, and of course coiling. With the anchor up we headed across the Bay where we completed a man over-board drill followed by an abandon ship drill. We are now anchored in Paroa Bay where our trainees just enjoyed their first dolphin sighting while taking Little Tuc out for a paddle. A great first day to start off our adventure and we are looking forward to more great days ahead.