Kia ora from the good ship R Tucker Thompson.

What a day we managed to have, first swim of the voyage was neither an ordeal nor much pleasure but all participated and reveled in conquering the start to the day. A hot shower well deserved.

Then duties above and below decks before breakfast, hoisting anchor as the dishes got done, classroom activities as we headed out to Motu Kōkako, Piercy Island in the rain. As class was dismissed so too the rain as the trainees came up on deck. We launched the tender and went through the hole in the rock and into Cathedral Cave, sea conditions were calm, then the rain returned as we headed for home in the hope of more adventures.

Climbing the rigging was soon the next “thing to do” as students went out onto the yards to get their bracelet or anklet. Te Rongopai, Hunter,David , Analiese, Conor, Renee, Oscar and Jay all earned their stripes. Then a few went in for a swim with a swing or just showing off their styles.

The remainder of the day was wet wet wet, cards, art, guitar, laughter filled the saloon. Dinner and dishes complete, quick class and free time to finish the day.

Day 2