Good evening everyone. We apologize for not posting a blog post yesterday evening, we had no reception. You can rest easy, all is well aboard the R Tucker Thompson!

Yesterday, we woke up aboard the good ship to clear blue skies. And there is no denying it, there was a definite chill in the air. The trainees all braved their “refreshing” morning swim with gusto for the reward of a brief warm shower on deck. And then it was time for duties and breakfast. Lessons followed: fishing regulations, understanding Latitude and Longitude, compass reading, and passage planning. Lucas was the first trainee to earn a Turk’s head anklet for climbing up the mast and touching the end of the yardarm.

Armed with all this new knowledge, we motor-sailed out of the Bay of Islands and headed toward the Cavalli Islands. Soon the trainees got to try their new found skills, plotting our position on the chart, steering, raising sails. And coiling lines, there are always many lines to coil – and a fine job they did. The best part was when Captain Steve, turned off the engine. All we could hear was the wind in the sails and the water splashing. Bliss! The icing on the cake, was the pod of dolphins that joined us for part of the journey.

When we neared the Cavallis, we anchored off one of the smaller islands to give fishing a go. Many of the trainees were particularly keen to fish, including Tiana, William, and Mereana. A couple undersized fish were caught but had to be thrown back. In spite of showing a lot of patience, it just wasn’t to be, so we weighed anchor and headed over to Motukawanui Island. Wayne dropped us off on the beach and we proceeded to hike across the island as the sun began its descent over the horizon. We were met on the other side by Wayne as he and Captain Steve had moved the ship around to the Northwest anchorage, where we will be spending the night. After a day like that, we should all sleep very well tonight!

Day 2