Day Two dawned on us bright an early at 0730 for our ritual “mineral spa”, everyone was in and out in no time, and enjoying the hot shower after their jump. Chores were done in record time, and breakfast of porridge and mince and toast was devoured. So off we set from Paradise Bay out into the open with a nice 1.5 – 2m swell running, it made things a little bouncy. We set off towards Deep Water Cove, and when we arrived the grey, overcast and gloomy sky disappeared and produced us with beautiful clear blue sunny skies! Three eager divers and Kylie went for a snorkel around White Reef – they came back buzzing! Lunch of bacon and egg pie was produced on deck and not a complaint was heard…

Off we set from Deep Water Cove, but not long after we had left, the crew decided to spring upon the trainees, a Man Overboard Drill, which was completed, and Wilson (or Wilma) and the lifering and Dan the Danbouy were rescued in no time, we carried on our merry way and decided to try our luck at fishing, just inside Oke Bay, a range of marine life was brought upon deck, including a Sand Shark which we released, a Pig Fish, a Cod, a Kingfish, and many Trevally (some of which were of legal size).

We have a great bunch of monkeys, that have been busily climbing the rigging as often as they possibly can, some challenging themselves, but its great to see them all getting up there, and having fun!

We have currently passed through Alberts Passage, and are on our way to I believe Pippi Bay for tonight, which should be nice and calm, and sheltered away from this 2m swell and winds that we are meant to be receiving. We have a wonderful dinner of Chicken Peanut Satay, and I think everyone is looking forward to dinner, as it has been a long but amazing day!