Good day one and all,

We are under way to our next overnight anchorage where there will be no Internet reception, so we are letting you know ahead of time that in spite of the rain, we are having a great second day out! We stopped in Army Bay to collect mussels and are now making our way to Oke Bay for the night.

As usual, the day began with the traditional morning swim. In spite of the chill, our trainees were game from the get-go. Swinging off the rope, diving in – some stayed in the water longer than others, and not a complaint was heard. After a quick shower on deck, they were dressed and ready to tackle morning duties. Their chores completed, the trainees learned the parts of the ship and practiced more line handling. Knots were taught and learned. All this in a fine misty rain. By then, it was time for lessons in navigation, Latitude and Longitude and course plotting.

While lunch was being prepared every single trainee that had not yet climbed up the rigging and out to the end of the yard arm did just that. Turk’s Head bracelets/anklets for everyone! Congratulations to Holly, Callum, Katia, Cian, Ropi, Sam, Bex, Shania, Taysia and Tegan!

Lunch dishes cleaned and put away, it was time to go over the engine and check the bilges with Captain Steve for some of the trainees, while the rest plotted the course to Oke Bay with the crew.

As I finish writing this, we’ve just left Army Bay once warmed up with some well-deserved tasty hot chocolate: afer all, every trainee participated in the mussel and kina collecting in spite of the rain.

Soon, we will arrive in Oke Bay, and I expect everyone will sleep soundly tonight. Wishing you all a lovely evening.

Day 2