Kia Ora Whanau! Another refreshing swim woke us up at 0700 hours this morning followed by our morning routine of chores. Before breakfast we had a knot challenge of completing 5 standard knots every sailor should know. A big breakfast was devoured to ready us for some lessons on buoys and beacons, tides and hypothermia.

Next our trainees lined up a course for us to sail across from Whale Bay to Otaio Bay for a nice scallop dive! Almost everyone was in the water on this dive and we managed to gather 12 scallops. Seafood chowder and toasted sammies warmed our bellies before our next dive in Paradise Bay. We got 1 more scallop on this dive which still wasn’t quite enough for everyone so we decided one more dive should do it! Before we left, 2 of the dolphin explorer boats stopped by and were greeted by all of the boys on the ship doing the Haka!

Sam also played them a nice song on his bagpipes while the dolphins were swimming around the ship. Next we headed to Kylie’s secret spot for a last dive and managed to collect another 7 scallops giving us a total of 20! With the sun starting to set we headed around the corner to Orokawa Bay where we have anchored for the night enjoying curried sausages for dinner. Goodnight All!