We were anchored in a no service zone last night, but here is a recount of day 3!
The day came in overcast with light rains and a stiff breeze. This, however, did not stop our fearless trainees from getting in and getting things done.
Chores and breakfast done, we made our way sluggishly through some lessons as the howling winds kept the anchor busy, but unfortunately, almost everyone awake most of the night.
We perservered and made a passage plan for Whangamumu. Unfortunately, it was too rough, so we had to turn around half way and come back. We anchored up in Army Bay for a late lunch and a nice hot milo, which was very much needed after all that!
With colour returning to faces, a quick trip and a game of touch was had on the beach, with some of us just going for a general leg stretch.
Now we’re all tucked up in Te Uenga Bay, to hopefully have a well earned rest, and to wait out the winds and rain that are to be expected. We’ve got fishing and diving to do!!